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Hypnosis & Coaching Services

5-Path Hypnosis


5-PATH® is a systematic approach to support clients in living their best life by removing blockers and increasing over-all wellness. Hypnosis can help uncover the initial cause and associated emotion at a subconscious level. The initializing sensory event (ISE) creates feelings of inferiority or not feeling good enough. The subconscious automatically and continually scans for other events in their lifetime to confirm these beliefs, resulting in unwanted behaviors, thoughts, emotions, and physical discomfort.

Working with a certified hypnotist trained in the 5-PATH® process, the client will work through the initial event and all the subsequent events that reconfirmed the limiting beliefs. This hypnosis technique can help restore feelings of worthiness and love, allowing them to break free from limiting beliefs and unwelcomed habits.

5-PATH® is a registered trademark of the Banyon Hypnosis Center. This amazing technique was formulated by Calvin Banyon and is practiced only by 5-PATH practitioners certified by the Banyon Hypnosis Center through extensive 5-PATH® training courses. For more information visit https://5-path.com/.