About Mikki

Consulting Hypnotist of Port Orange, Florida

Mikki is a certified life coach, consulting hypnosis, and empath who guides clients towards living the best version of themselves. Mikki is a scholar of metaphysics and human development. Her empathic abilities allow her to connect with people's thoughts and emotions, and understand others on a deeper level. Her authentic approach has helped others cultivate a conscious mindset and find direction, comfort, and self-healing. 

About Mikki

I help others change their lives when nothing else works!

I use a holistic approach to healing with hypnosis. After a long standing career in leadership and technology working for corporate, government, and academia, I pursued another true passion in helping others through hypnosis. I have had a life long interest in the connection of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual faucets in every living being and our connection, as a whole, on an energetic level. I believe by altering our thoughts and emotions, quantum healing can occur by shifting to a more conscious mindset. Today, I focus on guiding others to connect to all four faucets for harmony and balance within the body using QHHT hypnosis, 5-PATH hypnosis, and 7-PATH self-hypnosis techniques.

Certifications from the following accredited schools:

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Banyon Hypnosis Center and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  • COR.E Leadership Specialist (CDLS)
  • Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) level-2 practitioner
  • 5-PATH® Master Practitioner (NGH, IAHP)
  • 7-PATH® Trainer of Self Hypnosis (NGH, IAHP)

I am certified to practice hypnosis with the following professional associations:

  • ICF - International Coaching Federation
  • NGH - National Guild of Hypnotists
  • IAHP - International Association of Hypnosis Professionals

Today, I connect with amazing people who want to achieve their highest level of peak performance - both personally and professionally. I guide them to find answers within and expand their spiritual awareness to live their best life. 

About Mikki
From Our Clients
Dr. Edwards

My QHHT session with Mikki was absolutely phenomenal! I consider it to be one of the most life-enhancing experiences I have ever been fortunate enough to participate in. I was initially a bit hesitant of hypnosis therapy, but Mikki’s professionalism, gentle and comforting spirit, empathy and integrity quickly set my mind to ease.

During my QHHT session, I received much clarity around many (life) questions that I had been struggling to find answers. I felt layers of unresolved attachments and trauma being released, which has since allowed for improvement of physical ailments, an increase in overall happiness, a new lens in which to view difficult situations and release of fear to propel me forward with goals I was hesitant to pursue.

Mikki is a radiant beam of light and has most definitely found her calling with her QHHT work. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to experience this life changing therapy with her! As a chiropractor and wellness professional and someone who engages frequently in soul-enhancing work, I would highly recommend anyone struggling with pain, unresolved trauma, fear, grief or anyone who desires assistance to fully step into their true power and highest potential, to book a session.

Thank you, Mikki, for offering such a beautiful and heart-centered therapy to our community!

Colleen M.

What an insightful experience working with Mikki as she guided me through a hypnosis/meditation allowing me to go into a deep state of relaxation and openness. I was able to witness a few of my past lives. It was emotional for me, surprisingly so, and helped me to understand why I feel the impulses to do some things in this lifetime. If you can do this work, I have found it rewarding for inner reflection and understanding myself on many levels. Thank you so much Mikki.

Donna J. - Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Life Between Lives Therapist

Upon our first meeting I could sense Mikki's energy, and it was all good!  Before, during and after my session she was very professional, sincere, and kind.  I felt safe at all times during my session.  This experience supplied me with answers to two pertinent questions I had going in.  The information received has helped me both physically (allergies) and emotionally (concern for our Earth).  Thank you Mikki for helping gain access to the information I was seeking, and helping me with my life journey.

Debbie H. - Retired Adolescent Sex Offender Counselor

I had the privilege of having a QHHT with Mikki.  I had no idea what to expect since this was my first time.  Mikki was so loving and compassionate that it was easy to open up and share intimate details of my life with a complete stranger.  I felt accepted and “seen.”  One of the things that I loved about our session is how she took situations in my that I felt ashamed about and shined a positive light on them.  I feared that I would not be able to review past lives, but Mikki was able to successfully do that with me.   I am looking forward to future sessions with Mikki.  I highly recommend her.

Veronica M. - Retired Military Officer

What a wonderful experience I had doing the QHHT session with Mikki.  It is hard to capture in words all that happened in the session .  First Mikki's energy and presence were calming relaxing and engaging.  She listens with her heart.   I felt she was tuned into what I was experiencing and guided me with great insight.  My session was profound , I was able to bring to light some of my deepest pain not just from this lifetime but linking it to past lives.   I felt a sense of deep peace and knowing after the session.  I am excited to explore more in the future.  I highly recommend to anyone who wants to dig deeper into their soul growth, get more direction in this lifetime and help explore the essence of your very being to sign up for a session with Mikki, it just might change your life.   Mikki is a true healer and I feel she will help and guide many souls in her life time.  I feel so blessed I was lead to her.

Patti B


QHHT with Mikki’s calming gentle facilitating method was exactly what I needed to move through grief and old stories that were keeping me from moving forward in my life with joy and purpose. I’m so grateful, 1000 thank you's Mikki! You are such a gift

Chris G. - Scientist

I had the great chance to do a QHHT session with Mikki in May 2023. I was immediately amazed by the level of empathy she radiates. I could feel that immediately, and actually during all our preliminary discussion on the sofa, which lasted about two hours. During that period, she made astute connections between the different emotional issues I wanted to heal, and that reassured me. I was already in confidence, obviously at the right place with her, and on the best possible path to heal some old traumas from the distant past. The hypnosis part was intense, as a lot of energy circulated through my body, in waves of varying intensity. So, I had ups and downs in my trance. Sometimes the energy was extremely intense, and sometimes the projection screen was becoming suddenly blank. Maybe there was still some resistance inside of me against "letting go";. Anyway, I loved the last part, during which Mikki guided me to scan my body for any troubled spot and let the healing happen. To my surprise, I had a lot of spots needing attention, and she accompanied me through that process, very patiently, as if time was suspended and did not matter at all. That made me discover that self-healing is possible. Maybe at some point I'll be able to start that process myself, but until then, Mikki’s guidance is exactly what I need. Hence, I hope I can do more sessions with her in the near future!

Lidia N. - Colonics Therapist

What an amazing session! We are so distracted by life, work, family, responsibility and more which makes it difficult to get results on our own. Mikki's kind personality makes it easy to relax and allow the information to flow forward. When this happens it can be very helpful in figuring out life challenges.

Thank you for your knowledge and training!

Pat H. - Realtor

I had a great session with Mikki. She was able to bring out buried, negative feelings I did not know I was having. Once they came out I was able to see a better picture of the situation. I felt relief and an inner peace. Thank you, I will definitely go back to Mikki.

Shan R. - Google

I wholeheartedly recommend Mikki for anyone contemplating the next level leadership, career change, or any kinds of mindset up-leveling. .. Mikki's approach and guidance through her master metacognitive skills gave me a fantastic framework within which to explore new fields of thinking. She intuitively understood my background and needs, and offered specific steps to help me pursue options that excited me and fit with my strengths. Additionally, I found her objective viewpoint very helpful, providing me with applicable ideas during a change-laden time where I needed some balanced perspective. She quickly grasped situations, and offered a good mix of empathy and encouragement for constructive action, without being overbearing.

Anne-Marie B.– VP Business Development, Tone Network

I’ve gotten to know Mikki well during our time with iPEC. When you first work with Mikki, she envelopes you in her calm and peaceful presence. She is an expert in coaching entrepreneurs who create and build start-ups, from making the framework of day-to-day operations to hiring the best people. She has a way of breaking down complex thoughts and systems in such a way that takes fear out of the equation. Mikki is knowledgeable, tenacious, funny, hardworking…all wrapped up in a gentle, kind, caring soul. So, hire Mikki if you are looking to launch your own business or thinking of taking some bold risks and fear keeps creeping in.

Patti D. – Partner at The Balance Studio Orlando

Mikki has a calm demeanor and is easy to speak with.  She listens objectively with unconditional support.  My fear of leaving the corporate world held me back from starting my own business.  While working with Mikki, I felt a shift within me and felt confident to pursue my passion.