Orlando Leadership Training Programs

Orlando Leadership Training Programs

Mikki’s Orlando leadership training program is designed to align your values with the organization's vision and to scale leadership. If your goals are to increase productivity, improve employee engagement, and nurture future leaders, this program will confidently do that and more. 

Build. Inspire. Thrive.

Average Resonating Level of Energy

The Average Resonating Levels (ARL) is the assessment of a person's energetic indicator of success in various aspects of work and life. Using these results, we will be able to integrate tangible tools with research-backed insights. Research supports higher ARL attributes to higher levels of satisfaction in personal development, finances, relationships, achievement, and levels of consciousness. So, let's dive in!


Scale Leadership 

If it's time to create new capabilities and a culture of trust and loyalty in your organization, the corporate leadership program will help transform and cultivate effective leaders, no matter what position they hold. Together, we can develop leadership strategy, build a foundation based on your values, and leverage current leaders with new leaders. 


Team Building

Team building is an essential strategy to a fruitful culture. Effective teams are led by effective leaders who build relationships or loyalty and trust. This program unleashes new potential through validating & acknowledging team members and their ideas, bringing awareness to core energy levels, and being present and an intuitive listener. 


Group Coaching

If you're looking for an alternative nitty-gritty, personalized approach to corporate coaching, group coaching may be your new best friend. This approach takes the outcomes of assessments and discovery sessions and bring a customized plan based on your organization's needs to a group of 5-10 people. Together, we will walk through getting clarity on day-to-day problems and solutions, identifying vision and blockers, and creating awareness of the influences on energy.